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What to Look For When Working With Oversea Suppliers

When you are looking for an oversea supplier, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. You need to make sure you have someone who can fill orders, process shipments, and fix wrong or inaccurate orders between the distributor and manufacturer. 


Here are four important things to take into account when choosing an oversea supplier. 

1. Credibility. Your business is important to you, so you need someone who has the track record to prove they have what it takes to meet your needs and requirements. It may be a major benefit to find a 3PL that has experience with international trade already. 3PLs that already work internationally will know how the system works and be able to move things along efficiently, which is a great benefit and help to you. 

2. Receiving Capabilities. Having a receiving team that is capable of handling large or small products is a must. Certain factors such a time, space and the crew team itself are all important in determining how capable the team and facilities are for you. 

3. Container Processing. The receivers again will play an integral part in the role of processing. When they are able to easily store and organize your product in a space, it can be much easier for things to move along as they need to with the proper system. Making sure orders and products can be rightly unloaded and processed is vital for production.

4. Foreign Trade Knowledge. The 3PL you choose should already have the knowledge required for oversea supplying. They should know how and how much to pay for duties and how to manage freight. It is a major benefit to find a 3PL that is registered with a Foreign Trade Zone, because those will be the 3PLs that have the knowledge of zones to help reduce the cost of duties and taxes that are affiliated with and required with foreign trade.
Finding the right oversea supplier for you will help your company grow and work at an efficient and manageable rate for success.