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Fact Finding Mission Will Be Done By the President's Export Council

In September 2014, it was announced that Stefan M. Selig, the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade along with Penny Pritzker, the Secretary of Commerce, will be doing the first President's Export Council (PEC) for the Obama administration. 


Both public officials and private sector leaders will work together as a delegation. This committee with represent some of the most important and successful U.S. companies that are running global business today. The PEC will include the CEOs of Xerox, Marriot International, Dow Chemical, IBM, eBay, Pfizer, Archer Daniels Midland, Lockheed Martin and more. 

This fact finding mission is zeroing in on Poland and Turkey who show a lot of promise for trade and investing in economic growth to benefit American business. The PEC has been analyzing the potential of Poland and Turkey.

Later this year, the findings of the PEC will be presented to President Obama. A major hope of accomplishment for the mission will be to strengthen and further develop the economic ties for the U.S. as well as to expand it's presence in the field of diplomacy. The overall hope is that the U.S. can continue to make a positive name for itself and to expand even further globally. Selig stated his hopes and excitement in believing that the PEC can play a major role in forming international economic priorities. The PEC also hopes to take commercial diplomacy even further than ever before. The PEC believes that it is doing its best alongside of other campaigns and goals such as the Look South Initiative and the Doing Business in Africa campaign. 

Like these campaigns, the PEC is looking to create more jobs, investments and global trade. The goal of also keeping everything energy efficient in a clean and reliable way is more clear and important than ever. 

The main mission is simple: to find a way to work with Poland and Turkey to make stronger partnerships, make better and more effective trade options and to provide investment and growth opportunities for U.S. global trading and diplomacy.